Published on May 3, 2020

Call of Duty has had some great weapons throughout its franchise, in every game, from CoD 4 to 2019’s Modern Warfare there has been at least one stinker that was either under-powered or completely unused. Lets remember the duds.

At this point, the Call of Duty franchise has included hundreds of weapons, from archaic World War 2 rifles in World at War to recognizable ones in Modern Warfare, and some futuristic ones that doesn’t even exist yet in Advanced Warfare and Black Ops.

While some weapons like the Intervention become iconic in video games, there are also those that bring shame to the armouries of their respective games.

After replaying every mainline Call of Duty title, Dave names and shames the worst weapons in the Call of Duty franchise history, pointing out those that needed buffs or updates and never got them, and remain terrible in games as recent as Modern Warfare 2019.

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