• You can easily cancel your HBO NOW streaming service if you have a direct subscription from the provider.
  • If you have a HBO NOW subscription through a third-party platform, like Amazon, the process for cancelling your subscription will differ depending on the third-party.
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With lots of options available, now may be a good time to prune your streaming service subscriptions.

One of those services is HBO Now. The platform features HBO’s library of HBO original shows, from the back catalog to new episodes week-by-week, and a catalog of movies old and new to boot.

If you’re cancelling an HBO subscription via Amazon, however, the process will be different.

For non-cable, non-Prime subscribers who subscribed to HBO Now directly, here’s how to cancel the service.

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How to cancel your HBO NOW subscription via HBO

1. In your web browser of choice navigate to HBO NOW’s website on your Mac or PC.

2. Sign in with your account credentials.

1   How to cancel HBO Now

A pop-up window for signing in to HBO Now. You can direct your web browser to save your account credentials.

Emma Witman/Business Insider

3. Tap your first name in the top-right corner, or the name you gave the service, to launch a pop-up menu. 

4. Click “Billing Information.”

3   How to cancel HBO Now

You ultimately will cancel a subscription via this billing information section of HBO NOW.

Emma Witman/Business Insider

5. There will be a slider for “Auto-Renew” that defaults to “On” when you sign up. Click the slider.

6. When asked if you want to turn off auto-renew, click “Yes, turn it off.”

4   How to cancel HBO Now

Like a lot of subscriptions, unsubscribing won’t be a one-click process, as the service implores you to reconsider.

Emma Witman/Business Insider

You’re all set. Reflecting the change, the slider color should be grey with the words “Auto-Renew Off.”

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