New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday the state would take a regional approach to reopen its economy, with the areas less affected by the coronavirus able to open first.

“In other words, just like some states will reopen before other states because they have a different circumstance when it comes to COVID and their status with COVID, it’s also true across the state,” Cuomo said from Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul will coordinate Western New York’s reopening, while former Lieutenant Gov. Robert Duffy will lead the Finger Lakes’ region reopening.

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Here are the other takeaways from Cuomo’s daily update:

  • Hospitalizations have remained flat and intubations ticked down on Monday, per the state’s Department of Health.
  • 481 people died due to COVID-19 on Monday, up from 478 on Sunday. The death toll in New York is now 14,828. Another 4,178 were diagnosed on Monday, bringing the total case count to 251,690. 
  • Cuomo said that hospitals in counties without a significant risk of a surge of coronavirus patients can resume outpatient treatment of patients for elective surgeries. The restrictions will still be in place in counties, including Westchester and in New York City proper, where that risk remains.
  • Cuomo said he’s meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House to discuss testing — a critical piece for reopening the economy — on Tuesday afternoon. Cuomo and Trump have at times praised and criticized each other’s response to the pandemic.
  • Cuomo pushed for more federal support on testing, telling reporters he’ll have to walk a “fine line” with Trump: “‘ll tell you how I’ll negotiate the fine line. You tell the truth.”

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